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TTZ #005: DOT Inspection Survival Guide

DOT Inspection Survival Guide: Essential Advice for Truckers

Truck drivers must adhere to DOT regulations and maintain a high level of safety in order to ensure a successful DOT Inspection and a successful trucking career. Here are some tips to help reduce violation risks:

  • Maintain Your Tractor-trailer: Regular maintenance and keeping detailed records of inspections and repairs will demonstrate a proactive approach to safety.

  • Respect Hours of Service Regulations (HOS): Ensure time logs are accurate and within allowed limits. Familiarize yourself with the HOS regulations.

  • Load Securement: Properly secure your loads to prevent accidents and ensure other drivers' safety.

  • Maintain Proper Documentation: Keep all required documents, such as driver's licenses, medical certificates, and vehicle registrations, up to date and easily accessible.

  • Conduct Pre-Trip Inspections: This is a MUST. Make sure your truck is in good working order before each trip.

  • Watch Your Speed: Observe speed limits on the road and at weigh stations to avoid drawing unwanted attention.

  • Choose Your Employer Carefully: Avoid working with companies with a negative reputation and a high CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) score.

  • Address Safety Issues: From a cracked windshield to an expired fire extinguisher these things need to be fixed as soon as possible to maintain compliance with regulations.

  • Check Kinked Airlines: Inspect airlines before each trip to ensure proper brake function.