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TTZ #015 International Roadcheck Hits the Streets

International Roadcheck Hits the Streets

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Ready, Set, Inspect!

May 16-18, 2023 will be the world's largest targeted enforcement program for commercial motor vehicles. This annual three-day event brings together CSVA-certified inspectors who will be conducting thorough inspections of trucks and buses. Pretrip, Rock Your Trip.


An average of 15 inspections take place every single minute during the event. International Roadcheck 2023. We can expect to witness that level of commitment and dedication again this year. Pretrip, Rock Your Trip.

International Roadcheck's main goal is to ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards. They will be diligently examining all aspects of commercial vehicles, including brake systems and cargo securement. Pretrip, Rock Your Trip.

Safety first, always, and though the International Roadcheck is one of the highlights of the year, safety should always be a priority all year round.

Remember to Pretrip, and rock your trip Truckers!


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