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TTZ #002: How To Get a CDL

The Truckers Zone - How to get a cdl

I'm going to explain how to get your commercial driver's license (CDL)

If you have or know someone that has been thinking about getting a CDL, then this guide will save you from frustration, and more importantly, it will save you time.

Unfortunately… most people will get their hopes up just to be disappointed by missing just one of these simple steps. (Step-4)

DOT Drug Screening

Some people will blindly enroll in CDL School just to be surprised you will have to take a DOT Drug screen & end up failing it. Other reasons.

  • CDL School Takes (4-6 Weeks)

  • Don't want to be locked into a contract

  • Not of age to obtain a CDL

  • Fails the knowledge test

However, here are some simple steps you can take to be successful in obtaining your CDL.

Step 1. Obtain a Regular Driver's License.

This might sound very cliche but most people actually overlook this and do not realize they need a driver's license, to begin with. Don't overlook this step.

Step 2. Age Requirements

In some states, you can be 18, & in some states, you can be 21. Usually, it's 21. So you're going to have to check with your state to see if it's 18 or 21 before you can apply to get your Commercial Driver's License.

Step 3. Pass the Knowledge Test

The next step is taking the trip down to your local DMV to go ahead and pick up a Commercial Driver's Guide. Once you pick that up, I'll definitely study it from the back page to the page. Don't skip any pages. It's very important that you read it all because most of that stuff is on your test. So go ahead and study.

Oh! Another thing you can do is download some apps from the play store, or apple store to help you study for the knowledge test.