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TTZ #004: Here's What I Learned Over 3 Years Being a Regional Truck Driver

Regional Truck Driver, Regional Truck Driving

Becoming a Regional Truck Driver is a dream come true for a lot of Truck Drivers. The idea of being free on the open road and enjoying life is very exciting, and something you will enjoy. However, Regional Truck Driving doesn’t have only positive things. In my 3 years, I've learned there are also some downsides that you need to overcome.

Here's what I've learned in the past 3 years being a Regional Truck Driver.

Regional Truck Driving Pros

1. Proximity to Home

  • If you're a Regional Truck Driver, you get to stay close to home. You only take routes within your region, which means you can get home more often. If you have a family and more specifically kids, this is a huge bonus that long-distance truck drivers don't get to enjoy.

2. Weekly Miles

  • Despite the fact that you are a Regional Truck Driver driving within the same region all the time, you can still put in a lot of miles, we are talking about 2500 miles plus weekly. More miles will translate into a better income for you and your family, so it’s well worth the effort to look into becoming a Regional Truck Driver.

3. Road Familiarity

  • Being a Regional Truck Driver You will be a lot more familiar with the road and simple stuff like that can make a huge difference.

  • Example: If an accident happens and it blocked the main road, you can use your experience to access all the other side roads and not deal with any delays. Personal Experience.

4. Hygiene

  • When you are a Regional Truck Driver, you don't have to worry as much about cleaning your clothes or taking a shower out on the road. You will be close to home, which means hygiene will not be an issue. Some truck drivers can find it hard to shower and perform any personal grooming when they are out on the road.

5. Eating Healthier

  • There’s no denying that eating healthy is a problem for any truck driver. Sure, there are all kinds of truck driver tips that you can follow, but the truth is that you will try to rely on fast food. And that’s obviously unhealthy. Thankfully, a Regional Truck Driver won’t have to worry about food that much. Since you’re driving around your home region, you can prepare your food yourself and store