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TTZ #008: Truck Driver Survival Kit - Packing for OTR Trucking

Truck Driver, OTR Trucking

Essentials For Truck Drivers

First on our list is a truck-specific GPS or Road Atlas. As a truck driver, you need a reliable navigation system that considers the height, weight, and length of your truck. This ensures that you avoid restricted roads, bridges, and low clearances, making your journey smoother.

Rand McNally Motor Carriers Road Atlas

Next up is a CB radio. A CB radio is crucial for communicating with other drivers on the road, especially during emergencies or traffic. It allows you to receive real-time information about road conditions, weather, and accidents.

Truck Driver CB Radio

Third, Work Gloves are a must-have gear for every truck driver. They protect your hands from cuts, bruises, and cold weather. When handling cargo or performing maintenance tasks, you need gloves with a good grip and durability to keep your hands safe.

Truck Driver Work Gloves