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TTZ #011: Common Horror Mistakes Truck Drivers Make

truck driver mistakes,truck driver,trucker curtis

Truck drivers, beware of these common mistakes.

Planning Your Driving Hours

Failing to properly plan and manage their driving hours, which can lead to fatigue and potential safety risks.

truck driver,trucker

Pre-Trip Inspection

Failing to do a thorough pre-trip inspection, which can lead to equipment failures and accidents.

truck inspection,pre trip inspection

Road Hazards

Ignoring road conditions, weather, and other potential hazards on the road.

truck driver driving

Distracted Driving

Easily distracted while driving, such as using their phone or eating, which can lead to accidents or worse.

distracted truck driver, truck driver

Maintenance Matters

Not performing regular maintenance and repairs on their truck, which can lead to breakdowns and delays.

truck driver, truck driver repairing truck

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Until next time, keep on truckin'


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