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TTZ #007: The Untold Story of Truck Drivers

Untold Story of Truck Drivers - By Trucker Curtis

90 Seconds That Will Change Your View of Truck Drivers

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Video Script Written by Trucker Curtis

Most people don't know that being a truck driver requires a great deal of dedication,

hard work, and perseverance.

They don't know about,

The long hours on the road,

the daily DOT inspections,

the stress,

the criticism,

the lonely nights can make it all too easy to feel like giving up.

But the ones who succeed are the ones

who show up on time every day,

who makes safety their priority,

who perform their pre-trip and post-trip inspections,

who drives for 10 hours a day,

who strive to get better every day, even when it feels hard.

They overcome the challenges and sacrifices and become the successful truck driver they are today.


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